Prevention ‘Dishonest teller’ scam targeting seniors

Publisher: | 11-23-2017

The culprit tells the victim that an employee is stealing from their bank account and the bank needs the account owner’s help to stop it.

The fraudster will then tell the victim the bank recovered the lost money, but the account owner needs to withdraw a large amount of cash and give it to someone posing as a security person or bank investigator.

The victim will be given a number of reasons why they must turn over the funds, claiming they need to check the serial numbers, do an audit or mark the currency and deposit it to see if the “dishonest teller” withdraws any of the money.

Do not give out financial or personal information over the phone or internet. Immediately call your bank manager or someone known to you at your bank to notify them if something is suspicious. A bank employee will never ask you to withdraw money and hand it over. Never give cash to someone you don’t know or are meeting for the first time. Banks will never request citizen assistance in undercover investigations or, even worse, ask citizens to withdraw money from their account. Be diligent in checking your bank statements and accounts, and report any questionable activity to your bank as soon as possible.